Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I’m looking outside and seeing what needs to be cleaned up for Spring, and it brought an incident up that happened last year. Our parents were helping with a bit of outside yard work. We had one plant that looked perfectly harmless, but when the brown dead stalks were being pulled out, actually turned into a weapon! It slit my mom’s finger and her damn finger just wouldn’t stop bleeding no matter how much pressure was applied.

I love to help when these situations come around. In fact I was able to change my own dressings after surgery while others were too squeamish to even look at the huge incision. Most of you don’t know that when I was young, I always dreamed of being a doctor. I even went to the Robert Crown Center in Hinsdale for a summer camp medical program. There was one procedure that we performed which was to dissect a cow’s stomach. Did you know that a cow has four digestive components? They are very big, and let me tell you that is a smell that you will never forget!

Anyway back to helping my mom. I sprung into action and remembered that I had read that the thin, filmy, slimey thing between the yolk/white and the actual eggshell is a part called the membrane, and when the membrane is placed on a cut (after cleaning the wound of course), along with a bandage on top, it would help seal the wound. Note: It has to be a fresh egg and not a hardboiled one. You have to be very careful in pulling off that membrane from the inner shell in order to get a large enough piece, but when it’s placed on a smaller area like a finger, it worked perfectly.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t get stitches when needed, but if the cut doesn’t look life-threatening and just refuses to clot, try this. Most of us always have eggs in the house and it will only take a few minutes. If it doesn’t work, then go get real medical attention and not from a wannabe doctor like me.

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