One of the most difficult things for people to do when decorating their home is to edit. I see it all the time – there is a collection of random things in a home that has nothing to do with anything and yet the homeowner says,

“Well I liked it so I bought it”.

Remember: just because you like something does not mean that it goes in your home. It is so important to have a ‘theme’ or overall feel of your home. When you see a piece that you like, be sure to make sure it fits into that look and feel. If it doesn’t it should not be purchased.

It is ok to like something and not have it. In fact, it is imperative to do this type of editing if you want a home that is polished and well designed. If you think of your favorite inspiration photos they are all well edited - it is the lack of things that makes the spaces visually interesting and well curated.

While it is important to have things in your home that remind you of your travels or loved ones or simply make you smile, it is equally important to find those items that will work within your guidelines.

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