#1 Restoration Hardware Faux Fur Dog Bed (sadly it is no longer available)

Whenever someone comes to our home or sees our dogs’ bed in a photo there is likely a comment to follow. Yes, our dogs have a luxurious bed. But after all, they’re our fur babies!

Truth be told…the chic dog bed isn’t really for our dogs at all. They’d be perfectly happy snuggling up on their favorite place of all time - our bed, together on the wood floor in the only patch of sunlight shining through the window, snuggled up on the sofa on top of one another, or even on a hideous bed with colorful dog bone patterns screen printed in excess. It is us who refuse to have some nasty pet bed clashing with our soothing décor.

So remember, your dog bed is also a small piece of furniture that should complement the space it is in so choose wisely. And, unfortunately, they are overpriced no matter the look so while a stylish pet bed may set you back a bit, remember that you will be happy every time you see your sweet babies in a bed that flows with the look of you home instead of having your eye (or even worse a guest’s eye) go directly to that ugly dog bed in the corner of your room.

Here are some of our fave pet beds:

Serena & Lily Fisher Dog Bed

Mark & Graham - Harry Barker Dog Bed

L.L. Bean Everydog Couch Bed

Click here to shop our favorites!

Here are some pics of our sweet babies (clearly NOT sleeping where they are supposed to be sleeping - in a dog bed!)

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