Do you have that odd piece of furniture from a grandmother that you can't seem to part with but it's either hidden in the basement or in a corner of a room? Have you ever thought of doing a quick and transformative change to it? Why not try decoupaging - it's quick, easy, and inexpensive. I found these pictures on Pinterest as examples. It's especially fun in a child's room, but with some imagination you can find other ways too.

Here are the basic steps for a dresser, and you can find tons of informational videos etc. online:

  • -paint or stain the piece of furtniture if needed and let dry

  • -enlarge a child's favorite comic or book covers or map (probably go to FedEx Kinko's)

  • -trim to fit the drawer fronts one at a time

  • -apply the matte sealer/glue (something like Mod Podge)

  • -when dry apply a second coat and mount the trimmed copied piece

  • -smooth from center to remove air bubbles

  • -seal with another coat or more of the sealer/glue

This could be a fun family project or a great surprise for a kid. The piece of furniture could end up being the focal point of the room instead of an eyesore. And it will be a one-of-a-kind item!

Don't forget to tag us @landlhome on your project - we'd love to see your decoupage work!

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