Updated: Dec 30, 2019

The temperatures in the Midwest are going to drop to historic lows beginning this evening, it is important to be proactive to keep you and your family safe during this crazy winter weather.

If your furnace is blowing warm air but not meeting the set desired temperature, it is working. Chicago-area furnaces are built and designed to heat your home to around 70 degrees when the outdoor temperature is 0 degrees. When temperatures fall at or below 0 your furnace will not be able to keep up. A service call will not help the temperature in your home if the furnace is currently and continually running and producing warm air. As the temperatures begin to warm outside, you will notice your indoor temperature returning to normal. If your furnace is blowing warm air, but not meeting the set desired temperature, it is working.


Change your furnace filter: A dirty filter causes a furnace to work harder to heat your home and puts more stress on your furnace.

Check in on elderly neighbors, family, and friends.Older adults are particularly susceptible to hypothermia, which occurs when a person’s body temperature drops below normal for an extended period. (Source: AARP)

Leave a drip in your faucet: Keep a small trickle running through the spout. Because water will then constantly flow through the pipes, there is less of an opportunity for it to freeze.

Open cabinet doors underneath sinks: Allowing warm air to circulate near and around the plumbing will help decrease the chance of frozen pipes.Open/close curtains or blinds: The sun is a valuable tool during cold winter days. Be sure to make the most of it by opening all your curtains and blinds. However, once the sun sets, close them to provide extra insulation between your room and the night outside.

Set fans to winter mode: As we all know, heat rises. Ceiling fans, when set to winter mode, spin the opposite direction and redistribute the heated air that has collected toward the ceiling.

Seal windows, doors, cracks, and vents: The biggest threat to your home comfort is your heated air seeping out of cracks in your window seal or underneath your door. To keep the heat where it belongs, close these openings with caulk or a draft snake.

Source: Four Seasons Heating and Cooling

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