Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Recently we read an article about composting and since we compost, we wanted to share some of the information with you. It is a great way to make your garden grow even better, however, it also reduces waste and makes our planet better not only for ourselves but for future generations as well.

Soon we'll share a story about our composting, however, if you already compost, or are thinking about it, we wanted to remind you of some things that you might not have thought about using:

-Of course fruit and veggie scrapes, but do you know that banana peels, citrus rinds, and moldy lettuce should also be composted? If you put them in a blender first or at least make the pieces smaller, they will compost even quicker.

-Stale or moldy bread, crackers and cereal work as well, but only use these if your compost bin has a lid, otherwise hungry critters will want to investigate.

-Old herbs or spices

-Coffee grounds, coffee filters and also teabags

-Natural fibers like wool or cotton that are cut up and also cotton balls

-Natural cork from wine bottles

-Hair clippings

-Feathers and fur from pets

-Shredded plain paper from bills and credit card statements

-Used paper towels and napkins

-Wood ash from your fireplace

-You wouldn’t think that you could compost latex balloons but you can.

Can you imagine how much less would be in our landfills if we all composted? Besides that we all would have gorgeous landscaping!

Here is a link to MY FAVORITE COMPOST BIN... it is an investment but it sure is worth it. Check it out here.

Click here for some great starter composting bins!

We started with the small white one and once we got into the swing of composting we just had to go bigger especially after we saw what a difference it made to both our landscaping and the reduction in the amount of garbage we had.

Maybe we'll inspire you to do the same thing too!

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