It's the time of the year when everyone is sending their Christmas cards. It's a great thing that we look forward to each year, but do you wonder, what do you do with all of those cute Christmas cards with pictures of nieces and nephews and doggies etc.? If you are like many people and just keep them on the counter and then eventually throw them out, we have a better solution!

Use a single hole punch and put them all on a jump ring. You can even add a festive tassel to it. If you get lots of cards you can mark it Holiday 2018, or if you only get a few, you can add to it year after year. Then you can leave the Christmas Card Ring on your coffee table. People will actually pick up the ring of photo cards to flip through them and it becomes another Christmas decoration. Then after the holidays are over you can store the ringed pix along with your ornaments. Next Christmas it will be fun to see how everyone has changed over the course of a year.

Plus those guilty feelings of what to do with the cards will be gone!

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