Updated: Jun 12, 2019

I know that a lot of designers do not like the look of ceiling fans, and I hate them too. However, I am also practical enough to also know that for some people they are a necessity. So this is just a reminder - if you are living in a climate that has all of the seasons, and you just can't part with your ceiling fan, have you switched the blades from clockwise to counter clockwise for the warmer weather?

If you haven't or if you didn't even know that this has to be done, there is a switch on the side of most, if not all, ceiling fans that should be pushed down (in most cases) in the summer and up in the winter. This controls whether the air is forced up or down.

A simple test, if you have super tall ceilings and can't easily see the switch, is when you turn the fan on and stand underneath it, if you immediately feel the air circulating than it's probably in the correct position already.

So in the hotter months forcing the air down is the way to go!

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