At our house we carry on a family tradition of Lauren's grandparents. Lauren's Grandpa Howie (Howard Dean of Dean Foods) and Nana gave out Dean's Chocolate Milk Chugs to their cute little trick-or-treaters every year. It not only was a hit at the time but became a lasting memory of many childhoods. We have continued that tradition at our own house and our neighborhood kids are looking forward to the thirst quenching treat again this year. The parents appreciated it too because it wasn’t more candy!

Many of the kids sat on our porch or on our bench (that my dad made and gifted us when we bought our house) in the front lawn. However, we didn’t neglect the adults either. They were thrilled + maybe a bit surprised when we brought a tray to the door that included something for them too. We had travelers ready with both white or red wine in disposable cups for their journey. Since it’s always a bit nippy the end of October in the Chicago area they didn’t mind getting a little warmth from their wine treat.

My family tradition was to always for my mom to have a large crockpot full of chili along with the various fixings ready for us to stop in and eat with our friends when we were in need of a break from running from house to house when we were little. It warmed us up and then we could go out and get more candy. We still continue this tradition; however, I have been a vegetarian for the past 15 or so years so we now do a vegetarian version that you would swear has meat in it. I will be sharing that recipe in another post so be sure to check it out!

In lieu of costumes this year we decided to get some "vintage" (from the 90's 😂) Halloween sweaters. They're AWESOME! I can remember volunteer room mom's handing out cupcakes at homeroom in these beauties and now we are sporting them. They're a great alternative to a costume because, trust me, you don't sacrifice the spirit of Halloween but they sure are comfy + warm.

We took a family tradition from both sides of our families and made this holiday our own. Think of ways that you can add to your traditions as well. And please, share them with us!


It is nice to be the house that gives something different than everyone else but that's only if the kids like that something else! Here are a few other kid approved alternatives to the traditional candy treats.


our family tradition

FRUIT LEATHER : a sweet yet healthy alternative


after all, what kid doesn't love bubbles?!


a classic salty treat


this is definitely the year of this craze

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