Updated: Apr 20, 2018


When it comes to bedding there are so many options it can be hard to make a decision.  In order to create a style that both looks like you and works for you it is important to remember to layer.  In bedding, one just is not enough.  Oh and... please, whatever you do, do not under any circumstances get a bed-in-a-bag.  Ever.  Like, never.  

Here’s 5 simple steps that will help you get the bed of your dreams!

Step 1: Choose Your Pallete.  

We chose white and neutral taupe and to create an overall calm feeling in our master, but I find any combination of neutrals is a great place to begin.

Step 2: Decide How Many Layers You Want.  

What works for us is this: the classic fitted and flat sheet followed by a light knit blanket and then a coverlet (as you can see our sweet dogs like to cuddle on our bed so it is important that we have layers that we can throw in the wash often).  We also like the look of extra blankets folded at the end of the bed to add texture which does double duty on a chilly night.  

Step 3: Figure Out Your Budget.  

Bedding can range in price from cheap and scratchy to expensive and lush.  Most of us fall somewhere in between but it is important to know exactly where that somewhere is.

Step 4: Where to Shop.  

Go to #1 HOMEGOODS.  You can (and will if you are patient) find amazing bedding at even better deals here.  All of our sheets are Ralph Lauren and they are all from HOMEGOODS.  The king sets were anywhere from $58 to $75 depending on the style.  Our sheets for the guest bedroom are a queen size and were all around $50 each for the full set.  Let me tell you, these sheets feel VERY EXPENSIVE.  

They are extremely comfortable, wash well and are wrinkle resistant.  Our knit blanket is also from HOMEGOODS and is Tommy Hilfiger brand.  It’s the perfect weight and it too washes well.  We weren't thrilled with the coverlet options and did not want a heavy comforter so we went to our #2 standby: Target.  Their neutral options were few but good and we chose an oatmeal with cream striped coverlet for our bed and a darker grey for the guest bedroom.  Both are great and the price is WAY better than the previous bedding from Pottery Barn. 

Step 5: Don't be afraid to mix and match.  

We added a few down pillows to our bed (I affectionately refer to our bed as a "pillow farm") because again, it creates texture.  We went with white for the majority of our pillows and added two latte colored accent pillows to pull in some of the other natural colors in our room.  They too were all from HOMEGOODS and were super reasonably priced.  

Just remember: you do sleep in your bed and you want it to be as comfortable as possible so no matter what - touch everything before you buy!  Bedding is one item I do not purchase online.  Bedding can look beautiful but if it feels like mini razor blades that's not going to work.  Touch and feel everything so you are sure you're going to want to crawl in to your cozy bed each and every night.

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