Updated: Oct 3, 2019

The word October is from the Latin word “octo” meaning eight because in the early Roman calendar it was the eighth month.

It is the only time of the year when all four major American sports have games at this time: namely baseball, hockey, football and basketball.

The birthstones for October are the tourmaline and the opal.

-Tourmalines display a wide spectrum of colors, such as yellow, pink, blue, red, green, black or brown and they are believed to help you stay calm under pressure, bring peace and tranquility and defeat emotions like anger and jealousy.

-Opals exhibit different colors (green, white, yellow, blue, pink etc.) depending on the conditions under which they were created. Opal gemstones are believed to cure eye infections, strengthen memory, calm nerves and enhance creativity.

The zodiac signs are Libra (September 23 – October 22) and Scorpio (October 23 -November 21).

The flowers for October are the cosmos and the marigold.

-The Cosmos is a symbol of joy in life and love and of peace.

-The Marigold represents the beauty and warmth of the rising sun.

On October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus arrived in America. Although this is a controversial subject today, many people still honor him on this day. Although some people prefer on the second Monday in October to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day and celebrate the history and culture of the Native American people.

And, of course, we celebrate Halloween on the 31st. In ancient times it marked the end of the harvest and winter’s beginning.

Some of the other things celebrated across America this month are:

National Cookie Month

National Chili Month

National Dessert Month

National Pizza Month

Lupus Awareness Month

National Seafood Month

World Blindness Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Adopt a Shelter dog Month (with 4 shelter doggies already we better be careful about going to a shelter to celebrate this one)

And, of course, pumpkin flavored everything is here. This is equally hated and loved by everyone.

Fall is the best time to plant garlic and spring flower bulbs as well. You will really appreciate, after a long winter, seeing those items rising from the ground.

Another interesting fact is that there are more American Presidents born in the month of October than any other month.

Enjoy this October, we sure plan too!

Source: excerpts from the Old Farmer’s Almanac and various internet sites

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