This post is for singles, or couples, or for that matter if you do have a large family and simply want to indulge in something alone, this works for you too.

My mom gave me a cookbook called: Small-Batch Baking written by Debby Maugans Nakos. It is paired down recipes for just one or two small portions, possibly three. Although eating sweets isn’t something that I love, baking is creative and fun and at times even I need a treat. I used to love to bake but only wanted a small portion. All those yucky calories, and besides the calories, it was all the leftovers that wanted to tempt us too. Then so you don’t feel guilty about wasting, you need to eat more the next day instead of just throwing the items out. With this type of baking, there is no guilt. You have a small portion, get the craving out of your system – and best of all, it’s gone!

Of course, with a regular recipe you can always freeze the leftovers, but who does that. And, even when you freeze them the texture can change, or it gets smooshed to the bottom of the freezer only to be found weeks or months later when you are cleaning out the entire freezer.

Anyway, the ingredients have to be exact for these recipes because you use such a tiny amount of flour etc. that an extra tsp. can throw the recipe off. But it takes only a minute to get the ingredients ready and sometimes when a craving hits, speed is very important.

How many times have you wanted to bake something but only had one egg or half of a cup of flour? You will definitely find something that you can make for yourself with even those small amounts. Places like Bed, Bath and Beyond sell the small baking containers and the author even has some ideas about washing tuna or soup cans out, and using them. Also since you only a few tiny pans etc. they can be baked in a toaster oven instead of heating up your entire kitchen in the summer or any time for that matter.

And the recipes are wide ranging from sweet to savory, from cookies and cakes to brulee and quiche, to muffins and breads.

I think it’s going to be fun experimenting with these recipes and the best part is NO GUILT!

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