Many of you are quite fanatical about keeping all of your paperwork in order. I sometimes struggle with doing that. I have been known to have piles of things that need to be filed. We all live very busy lives, so keeping papers in order is sometimes the last thing that we want to do with any spare time that we have on the weekend.

So if you can sometimes be like me, House Logic has a good list of what you should be gathering now in order to eliminate stress when getting ready to buy a home.

It's very simple - you need to start collecting your loan paperwork now. Banks are very demanding and require a lot of paperwork.

Below is some of what you'll need to provide:

-W-2 forms - or business tax return forms if you're self-employed for the last two to three years.

-Personal tax returns for the past two to three years.

-Your most recent pay stubs.

-Credit card and all loan statements.

-Your bank statements.

-Addresses for the past five to seven years.

-Brokerage account statements for the most recent two to four months.

-Most recent retirement account statements, such as 401(k).

Everyone wants to be excited about purchasing a new home so why let having to go through piles of papers take away from that excitement. If you start collecting these documents now, it'll lessen the stress when it's time to get your loan.

(Bonus: Looking closely at your loan documents each month will also help you stay focused on saving for your down payment and keeping your debt-to-income ratio low.)

Source: Excerpt from House Logic

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