As we all know there are so many costs involved with buying and moving into a new home. Many costs are expected, but some are not. Take for instance appliances. The question of how long appliances are going to last in a home that you are looking at is easy to dismiss when you're in love with the house and eager to make an offer. However if you end up spending three grand or more in the first year replacing broken-down appliances, you're probably going to wish you'd offered $3,000 less.

I, as your Realtor, can help you decide if elderly appliances ought to be a negotiating item. Most sellers remember when major appliances were replaced or have the paperwork. You can also consider the home's age. If the house is less than 12 years old many of the appliances are probably still original.

Below are the typical lifespans and costs of appliances and other key home components. Costs include professional installation. And your cost could vary depending on whether you buy top-of-the-line, find a bargain, or DIY the installation.

Consider these numbers a general guide:

Central A/C unit - 12-15 years - $3,700- $7,200

Furnace - electric - 15-25 years - $900-$5,500

Furnace - gas - 15-25 years - $2,500-$3,800

Dishwasher - 9 years - $600-$1,300

Fridge = 11 years - $350-$4,000

Range = 14 - 16 years - $350- $3,000

Dryer = 13 - $400-$1,800

Washer - 10 - $350-$1,600

Water heater - tank -12 - $900

Water heater - tankless - 20 - $3,000

Roof - asphalt (1,500 sq. ft) - 20-30-years - $3,900

Roof - tile, slate, metal (1,500 sq. ft) - 50-100 years - $27,000-$36,000

Wood deck - 10-30 years - $10,000

If you have already made an offer, an inspector often has this information for you.

Also the property disclosure statement could have the answers you need. Sellers are legally required to list any problems with the home or anything that comes with it.

As with all things, these are just estimates. You can have something relatively new and it just happens to be a lemon. In that case hopefully it's under warranty!

Excerpts from Home Logic

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