Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Who doesn't love this guy who was on the news as being addicted to helping others? If you haven't seen it, a man named Jon Potter was stopped by a woman while he was getting gas and asked if he could either give her a ride or some bus money to get to a shelter. He said "no", and his "no" has changed his life and others for the better.

He couldn't get the incident out of his mind and he vowed to say "yes" if anyone asked for help again. He has now devoted his extra time to helping others - some in big ways and some in small. And he has done this over 1000 times. He started by helping people get their items repaired since he is a handy man by trade, but it has even led to giving one of his kidneys to a stranger!!!

To see more of his story check out this link:

Talk about an inspiration...

Source: Sunday Morning News

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