Updated: Apr 14, 2019

1. A nearby Starbucks- The addition of one Starbucks within a given year is associated with a 0.5 percent increase in neighborhood home prices.

2. A black front door - Painting your front door a shade of black can boost its sale price by $6,271, on average, according to a 2018 analysis by real estate website Zillow.

3. Cleaning up your neighbor’s lawn - Sometimes it’s not enough to take care of your own property. A poorly maintained lawn next door or across the street from your home can make your property less desirable.

4. New ceiling light fixtures - When people spruce up their homes, they often overlook the ceiling light fixtures in bedrooms and hallways. It’s not enough for the light covers to be functional. If they’re cracked or discolored, they’ll make your home seem worn out and outdated.

5. New light switch and outlet covers - Sometimes it’s the small details that add value to a home. Discolored or cracked light switch and outlet covers can make your home seem neglected.

6. New bathroom caulk - An unattractive bathroom will reduce your home’s value. The caulk around your shower and bathtub protects your bathroom walls from leaks. When caulk becomes moldy and cracked, it’s a turnoff for guests and potential home buyers.

7. Tighten your door knobs and hinges- Nothing says neglect louder than a door that’s loose or rattles when you open it.

Source: Money Talks News

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